The Future Of Mobile Games, As Seen When People Run Outside To Exercise


Ever heard of Sword Art Online? It’s a highly acclaimed Japanese light novel, and turned anime series back in 2012, which shows us a possible future unfolding right before our very eyes. The only problem? Sword Art Online – a massively multiplayer role-playing game in virtual reality mode – has been turned into a death game by its creator himself, where players only get to survive in real life if (1) they stay alive in the game and (2) they basically clear up the game. After two years of being stuck in-game, 16-year-old Kirito and 17-year-old Asuna has decided to join forces like they did before they apparently became mortal enemies to clear the game once and for all.

Well-received by fans around the world, the series was then adapted for a second season that takes place a few months after the SAO incident and focuses on its aftermath – this time with a new kind of danger that specifically lurks around our heroes, Kirito and Asuna, in the real world. And the best part? There’s last year’s box-office hit Sword Art Online The Movie – Ordinal Scale –, which now leads us to this blog post’s theme: running.

You see, running and just about any other kind of physical activity plays a big role in Ordinal Scale – or better yet, in the developing world of Augmented Reality (and yes, like that of Niantic’s Pokémon Go). Without it, Kirito would never have saved Asuna and the other survivors of SAO from imminent death just because of someone’s unreleased grief from the death of his beloved daughter during the previous incident.

With this kind of future being told in the form of light novels and anime series, it’s not surprising anymore if our usual fix of mobile games like that of Supercell’s Clash of Clans soon gets the green light to become a breakthrough in the AR world and probably in every succeeding game mode in the years to come. And just like that, running outside to exercise proves to be the best thing you can ever do if you’re looking to conquer the top spot in Clash of Clans’ legendary clan list – which, of course, comes with some of the best dragons known to every Clashers out there. After all, who doesn’t want to experience for himself what it’s really like to clash with other people’s clans – and yes, like never before?

What about you?

What do you think about the future of mobile games? What do you think about when people run outside to exercise?

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Why Run at the Great Wall Marathon

Any runner who is up to a challenge would be drawn to the Great Wall Marathon. Just hearing about the stories surrounding the event from those who have experienced it would make you want to have a go at it. And you do not have to be a competitive runner to explore the idea. There is even a fun run category for those who just want to experience it non-competitively. There are many reasons why this is worth a try. And here are just some of them.


The Great Wall

Running the Great Wall Marathon is like shooting two birds with one stone. It is not only a great opportunity to see one of the world’s wonders. It also allows you to challenge yourself in ways you may have never imagined. Imagine running up and down all those steps surrounded by breathtaking scenery.


Stair Running on a Different Level

Stair running is not the easiest thing to do even on the best days. The usual stairs you use for training are likely easier to manage than the ones you will find at the Great Wall. Conquering over five thousand of steps can push you past your limits.


Adventure of a Lifetime

It is an adventure of a lifetime that you can look back to and tell stories about to your family and friends for years to come. You may have a fairly good idea of what to expect based on the information available online and from first-hand accounts of people have been through it. But there is nothing quite like experiencing it for yourself. It is about venturing into the unknown and testing your own abilities to complete the race.


Meet New and Old Friends from around the World

This annual event gathers thousands of runners from around the world. It would be a great race to plan with your friends. But more importantly, it is a great way to meet and make new friends from around the world. You come across people who share the same passion for running and the shared experiences that you will have at the marathon can provide opportunities to forge lasting friendships.


Marvel at the View

The Great Wall is a popular destination not only for its history and the stories around it. While it is a breathtaking sight in itself, its surroundings are equally stunning. You can enjoy the scenery as you try to finish your run.